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Scratched Glass

Scratched Glass

By now, you should have already known that the structural integrity of your glass is at stake no matter how minor the scratch on it might look. And this is because the probability of the glass breaking off due to what you call little forms a weak spot that is more likely to break under pressure and impact.

What causes this scratch? Where do these scratched glass issues come from?

What causes scratch glasses?

So many factors have contributed to the formation of scratches on your glasses. Among them are;


If you live in a dusty area, air places where heavy types of machinery are being used, waste products like stones, gravels, sticks, etc., could be transferred into the air when they come in contact with your glass and eventually leaving a scratch on it.


Home accidents like metals dropping off on glasses could also bring about a scratch on the house's glass surfaces. 


Funny but true! Inappropriate cleaning could lead to scratched glass. Applying too much pressure while cleaning your glass surfaces could eventually leave out marks due to the dust and debris that have been on the glass. Cleaning with too much pressure to ward off this debris is one of the easiest ways of having a scratched glass.


Children most times do not know the effect of their activities on glasses, and most of the time, parents do not have full control over how their kids handle the glass materials in the house. Little children especially tend to mishandle glass objects through their activities.

Coming to the knowledge of what causes glass scratches is not enough. While we must understand what causes scratched glass to prevent them from happening again, it is much more important to know the various ways to remove these minor scratches without completely changing these glasses.

How to fix a scratched glass?

You must come to terms with the fact that the best and most effective way to permanently remove the scratch on your glass is to seek the service of a professional glass restoration company.

While the internet is saturated with so many DIY options, they are not effective methods when done by an inexperienced individual.

To save yourself from the stress of having a distorted glass view, hiring the service of a company that is into residential and commercial glass restoration is your best bet.

These companies will help you provide glass restoration products, offer you effective glass restoration consulting services, and ultimately help you with your commercial glass polishing issues.

However, when it comes to choosing your best company as regards these services, Unscratch the surface Inc. is your best plug.

We have gained recognition as the best glass scratch repair company. Our testimonies serve as proof of our expertise and meticulous approach to ensuring the perfect removal of your glass scratch. We pride ourselves in delivering the best of commercial glass restoration service.

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